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"Musing" is a weekly news information source for the display and lighting industry focusing on OLED technology. According to researcher IHS, OLED displays will dominate the largest display market, smartphones by 2020 and is moving to become a major player in the TV market. Most new VR systems, such as Oculus Rift, Gear VR, HTC Vie, Razer OSVR HDK 2 and the PlayStation VR use OLEDs because of the super fast response time and automobiles will soon adopt flexible OLEDs for their conformable consoles. OLEDs are changing the form factor in consumer products with flexible and foldable displays. OLEDs have entered the lighting market and by 2017 the panel makers will increase capacity by a factor of 10, bringing the price down to be competitive with LEDs and still maintain their planar area source, uniform glow and rich color. Whether you are a financial analyst, lighting professional display engineer, chip designer or marketer you cannot afford to let a single week go by without staying current on OLEDs. "Musing" provides detailed analysis and interpretation of the OLED News and Market Intelligence. While other news sources simply regurgitate the Internet, "Musing" provides incite into why and when the panel makers, material suppliers and toolmakers are taking action. We maintain a database of every fab operating or in the planning stage and provide forecasts of future production, product designs and marketing strategies.

Musing was originally produced for members of the OLED Association to keep them current in what was happening in the industry. "If you just want to know what the industry is putting on the Internet, there are many other sources, but if you want to know why Samsung is delaying their efforts on OLED TVs or why they are stopping production of 8th Gen transparent displays, or what LG's plans are for reducing OLED TV production costs, you can find this info and more in our weekly "Musing". It is now available to the general public for a nominal amount.

Universal Display - "Everyone waits for the arrival of Musing each week, reads it and immediately discusses its content" LG Display - "Musing provides a realistic portrayal of OLED strengths and weaknesses each week."

Samsung Display - "Next to our own internal sources, Musing provides the best source of OLED info in the industry"

EMD (Merck) - "The best way to tract the industry is to read Musing"

Corning - "To be a player in the display industry, you need to stay current in the fastest growing technology in flat panels; Musing does this."

Musing is available under one of the following pricing plans:

  • Individuals -- $150.00 per year
  • Small Companies (less than 200 employees) -- $990.00 per year
  • Other Companies - Membership in the OLED Association -- $2500.00 per year

Subscription Level

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