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Organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) offer great promise in displays of all sizes and shapes, and in both commercial and home lighting solutions. OLEDs, or organic electro-luminescent (OEL) devices as some call them, are already in use as mobile device displays and mobile phone displays. Prototype large screen and HD OLED televisions always draw the eye away from any other model regardless of its size. In addition OLED technology lends itself to innovative solid-state lighting, as well as flexible lighting solutions and flexible displays, even displays based on organic TFTs.

OLED-A provides a forum for the interchange of technical and market information. Our membership includes companies involved in small-molecule OLED technology and polymer technology (PLED or light-emitting polymers). OLED-A serves its membership by fostering the more rapid development of OLED technology and OLED products; serving as a resource on OLED markets and products for media and investors; functioning as a catalyst in the development of standards for OLEDs; and providing a forum to promote and market OLED technology products.

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By 2007, the OLED Industry had begun to ship products that were used in mobile phones, MP3s, automobiles, and headsets, yet the companies making the material, equipment, displays and lighting were virtually invisible. The newly emerging industry is relatively small – with ~US$500M in global revenues – but a handful of visionary leaders came together to create a forum to spotlight the OLED industry participants. The result is the OLED Association (OLED-A).


One of the early challenges facing the industry is marketplace visibility. The new technology will be competing with technology that dominates the display and solid state lighting markets. OLED-A will be a source of information to the media and to the eventual consumers of OLED products

OLED Standards

The OLED-A founders realize there is a unique opportunity to invest in their industry, and have launched the OLED Standards program. The purpose of the OLED International Standards program is to help to ensure open markets and lower OLED manufacturing costs.

Voice of the Industry

The OLED industry is expected to grow in size and importance and should change the viewing experience for commercial and consumer users while lowering energy use. As the voice of the industry, OLED-A represents the collective interests of its membership, and is an advocate for the industry in the areas of public policy, environment, market creation, workforce development and investor relations.

Today, the technologies created by OLED members are applicable to a number of related industries, such as flat panel display, solid state lighting and organic electronics.  Accordingly, OLED-A will help to spread the word and become a forum for both advancing the technology and expanding its markets.

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